Helping you build your legacy for your family.

an effective way in partnering together in building a family’s legacy.

Creative Bait Legacy Builder is another entity of Creative Bait where we focus on conference-driven events to equip families in low-income neighborhoods to build their family legacy. We will partner with other organizations in providing assistance in strategic planning, mental health, funding, business coaching, and resources to live their life to the fullest potential. We will provide strategic planning to enforce accountability and guide families to live debt-free, entrepreneurial lives, and mentally stable.

We will not be like other conferences where you hear a motivational speech and go about your business. We will be intentional in doing hands-on assignments at the conferences and setting families up with outside resources in getting them started in building their family’s legacy. We will follow up with them to hold them accountable and provide any additional resources they may need so they stay on track.

Below are a few things we are looking for in partners. If you are interested, please contact us and we can provide a budget on where our resources will go so that you know we will spend every cent in the community.

We are looking for partners like you.

If you are wanting to help those in the community to live a life debt-free, mentally stable, and given direction and resources to be their best for their children and their children, let us know see how we can partner together. Below are the list of partners we are looking for:

Financial Experts

Business Coaches

Funding Institutions

Event Planners



Venue Partners

Life Coaches