Helping you build your legacy for your family.

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About Us

What is our mission?

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Our mission is to help guide small businesses in providing visuals that will help your business stand out and create a culture of legacy building.

what is our vision?

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Our vision is to provide branding needs to businesses around the world while partnering with other organizations in helping families build their legacy through branding, financial advisement, and life coaching.

Meet the Owner

Nicole Morris

Who will I work with?


CEO | Social Media Strategist | Website Designer | Graphic Designer

I am so glad you are here to get to know me. I’ve always had a calling of entrepreneurship in my life. Growing up, I watched my father have a successful business for years. I saw the ups and downs of it but if anything, it motivated me to try things on my own. I developed a lot of my business skills majoring in Management Information Systems and graduating from Norfolk State University in 2008. Go Spartans!

I created my business in 2015. I took the leap of faith in December of 2015 by quitting my job and pursuing it full-time. Even though I learned a lot from college, it was my pursuit of God that led me in being creative and developing the services that my clients needed. I was self-taught through YouTube tutorials, webinars, and free courses online.

Since 2015, I’ve done Creative Bait full time, part-time, took a break, and am now back at it full time in 2021. I know what it is like to start a business, and have lows and highs and it is because of those moments, I was and still am able to reach higher levels. The perseverance that I learned helped me develop systems in place so that I will continue to succeed.

I am building a legacy with my husband, Jermaine Morris, and 3 beautiful daughters, Mya, Zoe, and Sky. In my free time, I love to watch the latest TV shows, and movies, play basketball and spend time with my family. I love to pour into ladies, hold them accountable, have girl nights out, and write inspirational posts. I have a heart for people and that is why I love being in this service as well as having my own community group, Leveling Up, mental health clothing line, In & Out Beauty, and nonprofit, I’m a Pearl helping those in the community.

I am a woman after building a legacy and making a difference and I am here to guide you in doing the same.

It’s your time!

build a legacy

I am ready to help you to strategize and give your children and their children a plan for a successful business. No more excuses. No more complaining. It’s time to take action.

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