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Nicole Morris

CEO | Social Media Strategist | Website Designer | Graphic Designer

I am so glad you are here to get to know me. I’ve always had a calling of entrepreneurship in my life. Growing up, I watched my father have a successful business for years. I saw the ups and downs of it but if anything, it motivated me to try things on my own. I developed a lot of my business skills majoring in Management Information Systems and graduating from Norfolk State University in 2008. Go Spartans!

I created my business in 2015. I took the leap of faith in December of 2015 in quitting my job and pursuing it full-time. Even though I learned a lot from college, it was my pursuit of God that led me in being creative and developing the services that my clients needed. I was self-taught through YouTube tutorials, webinars, and free courses online.

Since 2015, I’ve done Creative Bait full time, part-time, took a break, and am now back at it full time in 2021. I know what it is like to start a business, have lows and highs and it is because of those moments, I was and still am able to reach higher levels. The perseverance that I learned to help me develop systems in place so that I will continue to succeed.

I am building a legacy with my husband, Jermaine Morris, and my 3 beautiful daughters, Mya, Zoe, and Sky. In my free time, I love to watch the latest TV shows, movies, playing basketball, and spending time with my family. I love to pour into ladies, hold them accountable, have girl nights out, and write inspirational posts. I have a heart for people and that is why I love being in this service as well as having my own community group, Leveling Up, mental health clothing line, In & Out Beauty, and nonprofit, I’m a Pearl helping those in the community.

I am a woman after building a legacy and making a difference and I am here to guide you in doing the same.

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