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Nonprofit Initiative

Do you have a nonprofit?

All submissions for August have exceeded the allotted amount. Please come back in September to apply.

The Nonprofit Legacy Builder Initiative is a way for us to give back to the community. We see the impactful work you do and we want to help you. Fill out an application and we will pick 1 nonprofit organization to perform FREE work as our way to support the amazing work you do.

Who can apply?

Only registered nonprofit organizations will be able to apply for this service. We will require proof that you are a registered nonprofit organization.

How many times can I apply?

You can apply once a month. 1 nonprofit will be chosen each month.

How do we pick a winner each month?

I will research your nonprofit on your website, and social media and speak with you to hear your vision and your heart. I will pick the nonprofit organization whose vision speaks to me and who I would love to help.

What services can I choose from?

Website Revamp – I will revamp your current website to make it more modern and more effective for your clients, and investors.

Graphic Design – you can choose (2) – flyer design, business card design, social media covers, brochure design, retractable banner design, etc.

Social Media Strategy Session – we will sit down one on one to plan out an effective social media plan.

After my month is up, can I continue to work with you?

I would love to continue to partner with you so your nonprofit can thrive and make an impact in the community. We can discuss what you’re needing and discuss a discounted price for services. (Only for nonprofit organizations)

How long will I offer this initiative?

I am just getting started! I would love to continue this monthly and grow it more and more. Right now I will only accept 1 nonprofit monthly but hope to extend it to more nonprofits each month as I build my team.